Pre-launch Business

One of our new clients is defining the business process for a niche segment in the real estate sector. Their services as well as website shall be launched after they have done transactions totalling a100 hectares. 

List of current enquiries include – (1) 33 acres, Maharashtra, recreation facility or hotel (2) 50 to 70 acres, Chhattisgarh, residential purpose, (3) 20 to 30 acres, near Mumbai, prime residential purpose, (4) 3 to 10 acres, Gujarat, education sector, (5) 25 to 30 acres, upcoming 3rd Mumbai area Maharashtra, either cooperative society or for trust managing shared commercial/ nonprofit facility, (6) Group of about 250 individuals forming a CHS, looking for a suitable location to acquire land in Konkan area

Please prepare maximum three PDF files (max. 1 MB each) containing the following information, and upload in the form below.

  • 1. Land availability – area in acres
  • 2. Select pages from consolidated registered sale deed showing number of parties involved in ownership
  • 3. Accessibility from main highway or sector road (already constructed), width of the connecting road
  • 4. Is the land in R-Zone?
  • 5. Is the land contiguous (one stretch of land)
  • 6. Google Pin
  • 7. Marking of proposed land on google maps
  • 8. Marking of proposed land on entire planned PLU (pdf and CAD)
  • 9. Marking of proposed land on Demarcation map
  • 10. Application letter for PLU sanction
  • 11. Road marking on demarcation map along with ownership clarity of road 
  • 12. Area statement relevant to proposed land
  • 13. Clarity of electricity and water source / other services
  • 14. Undertaking that you are the authorised / legal decision-maker to sell the proposed piece of land
  • 15. Terms for working with intermediaries – MoU/Issue of Retention Letter, Payment terms, Other terms
  • 1. Buyers current business
  • 2. Buying entity type – person or company or government or registered non-profit 
  • 3. Purpose of land purchase
  • 4. Availability of Authorization / Government approval to pursue the project
  • 5. Copy of BR / equivalent document to buy land
  • 6. Step by step payment plans – (a) On Sale deed (b) On Registration © On Title transfer
  • 7. Time horizon for land procurement – within 3 months / 4-12 months / when available 
  • 8. Terms for working with intermediaries – MoU/Issue of Retention Letter, Payment terms, Other terms

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