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Common Questions

It takes anything between 6 hours to 6 days, depending on the particular service you need. We have a Standard Operating Process (SOP). SOP defines timelines that we commit to our clients. You will receive clear time-frame in the MoU.

Certainly. We prefer that too. If you are casually exploring, then a 30-minute slot is for free. If you are serious, then we recommend set of 2-3 consecutive appointments for which we shall charge a minimal fee, and that fee shall be adjusted in the Project Invoice.

That’s a good question. In gist, it’s a teamwork. It is like dozens of components of a machine quietly working under the hood. We have taken pain to create this “KM machine” because it is vital, yet not viable to maintain as an independent department in an organization.

To publish a generalized fee, charges and pricing for the variety of work we provide is not fair. Before quoting, we prefer to understand precisely what is/are the service/s required by the client.

You can be sure that we are reasonable as well as affordable. To get an idea, you may review Drut Technological Service Packages

We have a team to select and implement most appropriate technology. We use, for example –

  • WORDPRESS – for websites of all kinds including L&D systems, E Commerce, Appointment booking, Social Impact Organizations, Non-profit organizations, HR & Recruitment Agency, hospitality, Profile websites – celebrities, authors, influencers, politicians, educationists, etc.
  • SENDINBLUE, MAILCHIMP, GOOGLE – Email and SMS Reach-out strategies
  • PHOTOSHOP – For logos, illustrations, flyers, brochures, banners, etc.
  • ADOBE CUT PRO – Video editing
  • AUDACITY – for all kinds of sound editing and enhancements
  • MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE – For word processing (books, proposals, etc.); for preparation of financial models, presentations, .pdf creation, etc.
  • NOTION, GOOGLE – Collaboration, remote working
  • ZOHO BOOKS – Accounting, inventory, banking, compliances
  • MANY MORE – need-based technology

In most cases, NO. Reasons being – 1. We will enter an MoU only after clear mutual assessment. 2. We recommend hiring us only if you are confident about our approach during the initial rounds. 3. We work on projects as if it belongs to us; and so we leave no stone unturned.

For aspiring founders we can do ‘shadow business founding’ while you are still in employment. This will help you to transition smoothly, timing it correct. Further, we can assist you to transform the raw business idea to a functional business with all systems in place. Also, as we go along, at right level of traction, we can prepare the business for investments (preparation of PoC, Pitch-deck, Financial Models, scouting investors).

There are two options – 1. Raise a ticket by logging-in the Client Area. 2. From the registered email id, send an email to Our response time is 6-12 hours.

DKC is not like other technology consultants because we are basically a Knowledge Consulting – the technology is only a tool to accomplish the GOALS that we and the clients have set our sight on.

DKC comes with unmatchable deep insight for steering the small and medium sized businesses. Most technology consultants may have this as a limiting factor.

Yes, we can – depending on various parameters that the proposal must qualify. These parameters include –

  • Nature of business, location of business
  • Commercial and legal track record of business
  • Fund required – amount, purpose, availability of margin money, financial projections, bank account statements
  • Ownership team – reputation, KYC documents, etc.
  • Other matters for due diligence