Business Model

Drut Consulting is fee-based service, provided by experienced and qualified small business consultants and experts. For example, on this page, please find link for work-profile of one of our principal consultants.

Fee, scope of work and implementation model are outlined after first / few meetings with client.

Based on these meetings, a clear MoU / Agreement are worked out. This document contains scope of work, fee payment schedules, tax liabilities and optional add-on services that clients can opt for.

The DKC Process

Prospective Clients

Prospective clients are – corporate sector, SME sector, freelancers and unorganized sector, government sector, education and non-profit sector, start-up and family business sector, development sector, political entities

Intervention Model

Intervention Model is – (1) carefully understanding client’s requirements, capabilities, bottlenecks and aspirations (2) assess the current operations to find the gaps in KM (3) based on the two, design a solution model which may include few / many of the deliverables as listed below; and then (4) prepare a proposed service fee; terms of service, SLA; and based on this, enter an Agreement/MoU with client.


As per requirements, one or combination of the following

  • Feasibility Reports
  • Project Report with / without financial model/s
  • In-bound and out-bound communication: blogs, videos, podcasts, PR material, coffee-table books, biographies, etc
  • Research and Survey based white-papers and policy-papers
  • Investor presentations
  • Refining the business processes
  • Top-team calibration

Drut Consulting Policies

  1. All the Drut Consultants work through clearly written MoU’s and / or Proposals that outline the scope and objectives of the work being undertaken.
  2. All RFPs must be sent ONLY to or use the form on the Contact page.
  3. We work directly with CEOs and decision-makers, Intermediaries, representatives and agents may please excuse.
  4. We work with 100% confidentiality about the crucial data and matrices about the client / their business as one of our “non-negotiable” policy.
  5. In certain cases, we hire guest consultants for specialist role / expertise.
  6. We write all our emails, letters, contracts, MoUs, agreements, invoices etc. in Plain English. (What is Plain English?)
  7. See also – DKC Code Of Ethics


The professional competency of DKC comes from –

  • a team total of 50+ years of experience in business research, academic research, policy research, trends analysis, market research and behavioral research
  • In-depth understanding of psychologies involved in managing business, social work, developmental projects, cultural transitions and engagement strategies
  • Authoring capabilities, having produced more than half-a dozen books and video magazines (and the work is continuing)
  • Founding at least four start-ups, and many more projects in pipeline
  • Key-note speaking, training, and mentoring par excellence for more than three decades.

DKC Code of Ethics

Please read on this page

Hiring DKC Services

One of the best first step to hire DKC for its services is to fill in Client Onboarding Sheet and send it to