We have lived many generations with idea of “Family Doctor”. Now, it’s time to move to having a Family Farmer. Read on…

Atrocities in Food Sector

Atrocities in food sector are well known. Few examples –

  • Adulteration and impurity
  • Addition of addictive chemicals
  • Inhuman and volant production processes
  • Playing up with the nature and natural cycles
  • Corporatization and monopolization, resulting in manipulation of buying behavior and consumption cultures

Each one of is suffering its hazards, directly and indirectly too.

That’s is the reason we immediately accepted the proposal to work along when a committed farmer family from Gujarat approached us.

Story of Hitesh & Rama Vora

Both belong to families of farmers for generations. Taking the siddhis of farming, the couple became extremely successful in other businesses too – in Mumbai, setting up a contract plumbing systems and fire-fighting systems in mega residential projects. That was the period of 1990-2015.

However, farming has always been on their mind. 2015, they shifted back to Gujarat. Upon retuning back, they consolidated a group of farmers, and created 80 acres of model farmland – owned respective farmers. The group under the leadership of Hitesh Vora, rediscovered the ‘economics’ and ‘sociology’ of farming. In the process, they created a shared identity – the SPNF – Sustainable + Progressive + Natural Farming.

That was long story short. Drut is also collaborating with Hitesh ji to –

  • Write a book on what can be called SOCIAL FARMING or CONSCIOUS FARMING;
  • And, another book which will be a biography of life lessons from this couple as Social Entrepreneur
  • A series of online course/s or video magazine for re-establishing good farming practices, farm-society connect and food economics

How Did Drut Help?

  • Organizing diverse ideas that the founders had on his mind, to pursue under the brand SPNF
  • Brand – 7+ rounds of redesigning the logo keeping customer psychology on focus
  • Website development – basic structure in cost-effective manner
  • Domain email system – creation and operations
  • Website – eCommerce system
  • Website – integration with the payment gateway
  • Website – shipping system integration, including shipment tracking
  • Staff training for handling eCommerce operations after website hand-over
  • Annual maintenance of systems (separate agreement)
  • Strategic content – book and online course / video magazine (separate agreement
  • Founder development – (self paced) – Founders are reading from the book titled Addwit Vyavsaay Upanishad (published by another Drut client)

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