The greed, cheating and malpractices in the health sector are no secret.

Not that all doctors are unethical; but when the “sector” drives the standards and norms, then, doctors become helpless, and the “operators” take over. Who suffers? People.

Annop Agrawal: Not Wasting Experiences of Life

Mr. Anoop Agrawal’s journey of life has seen this happening inside-out. Having met severe health crises in his youth; he had to spend months together in hospitals. He recovered time and again from the bone fractures and chronic ulcers partly because of good-hearted doctors and nurses, and more so because of his own will power to become healthy once again.

This casted seed in him for few special powers to heal others in the times to come. Having own experience of recovery using determination to recover PLUS formal training that he took thereafter for Energy Healing – this combination set him on his trajectory to help others too, to recover.

Over a period what he noticed with the keen observation that many times doctors are good, diagnosis is good, medicines are also appropriately prescribed; yet, the patient is not making satisfactory progress. What he found that it is person’s relationship with herself/himself and her/his surrounding that facilitate or inhibit the effectiveness of medical intervention. That’s when he decided to add HEALTH CUNSELLING with the ENERGY HEALING to support his clients.

HEALTH CUNSELLING and the ENERGY HEALING are practices that just cannot materialize without selflessness.

How did DRUT Business Lab help?

  • A brief introductory video that explains the concept of HEALTH CUNSELLING with the ENERGY HEALING; and how this method is in no way in any conflict with normal (hospital based) treatment a person may be taking
  • Streamlined the “business” so to say – brand, basic logo, website, appointment system, 4-color A6-leaflet design and printing
  • Under progress – a book based on Sri Anoop Agrawal’s professional / personal journey so far with many client cases

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