The founder of Addwit had worked with multiple service providers prior to approaching DRUT. IMPACT PUBLISHING as we read it now, was not how the startup looked like.

Nature of startup – solving unstructured problems people in general face but do not speak out about (for example, lack of English skills, or a family’s struggle with the finances). These are the problems also that formal education system does not address systematically.

The founder team was stuck with multiple hurdles that we resolved one by one.

Product mix – how exactly are creators going to present the creative solutions?

The original idea that founder was working with was – to produce educational videos. Little did the founder know (1) how to make videos quickly and effectively, and (2) how to ‘distribute’ the videos and monetize from this creative solution – something that takes years of research to produce; and where the production process itself can be overwhelming for non-tech person.

After a series of experimentation a viable mix of three verticals has been developed. Take a look at Addwit Homepage

The beauty of this combination is that

  • The combination adopts easily with the reader’s content consumption preferences. Not everyone likes reading books; hence the video content. Within the video content – not everyone likes to attend (enroll for) an “online course”; hence, video magazines.
  • The second key benefit that this combination offered is this – each piece of developmental solutions has a suitable content format – academic courses (syllabus, text-books and examinations) are one format, books, videos, organized online courses that can be taken in self-paced mode, presentations, print magazines, video magazines, podcasts, blogs, eBooks – just to name a few. Having a dynamic publishing system gives an edge over traditional publishing that stick to printed books. This dynamic flexibility puts our client in a unique position.
  • This Product Mix also helped in helping the client to reserve themselves a ‘leadership’ position because they were now on their way up to execute a CONCEPTUAL SHIFT – a shift from the dependency on formal system education system (school-college-higher education-job) to non-formal learning – SOCIAL LEARNING. We are eager and excited to see how far do the impact go. Investors; watch out!

Tasks so far completed for the client

  • Streamlined the video making SOPs (offline)
  • Entire technological nuts and bolts – from website hosting to video hosting
  • Email system (Newsletter) for buyer engagement
  • Partnership Proposal – ready

Tasks on the drawing board

  • UX and UI – developing in an organic manner
  • Marketing system – both off-line marketing and digital marketing
  • Scouting for partners, key partners, investors and regional partnerships

In Conclusion

Many problems in business sector arise because the tech teams, founders and investors do not speak and understand each-others’ language.

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