DRUT – Systems and processes when people’s abilities matter most.

Small businesses and NGOs

End-to-end services for small businesses and nonprofit organization – from project conceptualization to funding/crowdfunding to CEO mentoring, and everything in between

Schools & Institutions

Setting up schools and institutions of higher education / special-interest education, vocational training centres

L&D systems / Assessment systems

Setting up training system for corporate and unorganized sector, Compliance Training, Informal Training system, Bite-size modular system, Measurable performance improvement systems

Social research projects

Designing and executing social research projects – In those junctures when we need to think beyond the box

Community Building

Setting up specific purpose communities, Community Development Strategies

User-base engagement

Setting up user-base engagement strategies; creating content pipeline for it

“Culture, brand-image and profitability are determined by what our team members know, what our customers know, and what our investors know. Knowledge Systems should make it easy and joyful for them.”

Arvind Agrawal, Principal Consultant

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