Bouquet of Drut KM Services


  1. Developing a Customer Education Strategy, employee engagement strategy
  2. Social Impact Strategy, Development Strategy for block / village / panchayat / CSR projects
  3. Media Strategy
  4. Workplace culture
  5. Twitter Strategy, LinkedIn Strategy


  1. Developing existing L&D system and/or Refining L&D systems
  2. Developing an overall knowledge distribution system
  3. Narrative management


  1. Developing Coffee-table books, Client Education Books / Brand book / Year-book
  2. Blog series, podcasts, media articles
  3. Training manuals / SOPs / In-house magazines / Knowledgebase
  4. Elevator Pitch, Sales Pitch, Information brochures, Marketing Material
  5. Client stories and Team stories


  1. Conducting Business research
  2. White Papers / Reports of all kinds
  3. Business research
  4. Social / Cultural research
  5. Policy Research


  1. Developing raw idea into a business model
  2. Mentoring at various stages of business
  3. Proposal Writing & MoU writing
  4. Brand Identity, Logo, tag-line/s
  5. Investment Proposals & Investor scouting
  6. Independent website and related applications
  7. Founder in-shadow (FIS)  program


  1. Coaching for CEO / Board of Directors
  2. Strategy development and implementation for (and during) mergers, acquisitions, scaling-up, internationalization and re-branding
  3. Social education Programs

“Culture, brand-image and profitability are determined by what our team members know, what our customers know, and what our investors know. Knowledge Systems should make it easy and joyful for them.”

Arvind Agrawal, Principal Consultant

Make KM a business tool